Our purpose is to support women to attain their career dreams that integrate into their lives with purpose.


What is Coaching?




Core values

Redwood Leadership helps determine which career direction to take and develop actions to get there.  With two decades in corporate america, I have a thorough understanding of culture, changes and leadership development.

Whether you’re stuck, desire a big change Redwood Leadership structures a program just for your needs.


This is the space I coach and live by:







Casual Boldness


Fun Facts about Lynn



  1. I’m 6’1 which is awesome for volleyball but not great on airplane seats!

  2. My girlfriends live all over the country and span for 20 - 50 years old. I have always had a circle that I call, text or meet up with from all areas of my life. (college, SF, nyc, mom-hood, work projects)

  3. Summer is my favorite season. I’ll travel on long weekends all year to find sun.

  4. I waited until I was 36 to have my first baby, 38 when I had my 2nd daughter and it was the perfect timing for us.

  5. My love of east coast beaches and west coast lifestyle knows no boundaries


Don't trust a coach that doesn't have a coach! I believe that strong centered career coaches work on themselves often. I take time to study with the best so I can show up for you in the strongest way. 

My Coaches are Jacki CarrMary Beth LaRue and Jessica Edwards. I study Coaches training institute, Rock Your Bliss, Lacy Phillips, Mel Robbins and Martha Beck.