I went to Bucknell University, in Lewisburg, PA. I've worked for nearly two decades of corporate finance as the only woman at the table. After truly hitting a wall, I decided to jump full force into Career Coaching.  Call me a friend, a coach, a mentor but don't call me a life coach! You are in charge of your life but I can help you see things you may have missed, help you create steps.

I cannot forget the experience that has imprinted my life so in coaching I leverage my change management, project management, learning and organizational development skills to drive transformation with teams and individuals. I have had more than 20 bosses in my lifetime- that's a lot of change management. I have been on planes, trains and automobiles for projects and mergers and last minute requests from that boss I wanted to say no to. Learning from tough managers as well as the people that worked on my teams over the years in Corporate America, I want to bring those stories to you as a guide for your future.

After countless years in the corporate financial services space, living in more than 7 locations, the changes that occur when you have a growing family and an ill mother, I've officially worked to make a huge career change! I completed the Co-Active (CTI) training and certification. My goal is to bring my experience and passion to professionals and teams around the country. Defining success should occur at each phase of your life. 



  1. I’m 6’1 which is awesome for volleyball but not great on airplane seats!

  2. My girlfriends live all over the country and span for 20 - 50 years old. I have always had a circle that I call, text or meet up with from all areas of my life. (college, SF, nyc, mom-hood, work projects)

  3. Summer is my favorite season. I’ll travel on long weekends all year to find sun.

  4. I waited until I was 36 to have my first baby, 38 when I had my 2nd daughter and it was the perfect timing for us.

  5. My love of east coast beaches and west coast lifestyle knows no boundaries