Lessons from Redwoods

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there, does it make a sound?

In my experience, it isn’t the sound that really matters, it is the falling tree and its new place in the ecosystem.

Who is your team? Are you growing together or apart? Are there healthy behaviors in your team? What is the roadblock you are facing on your team?


·         Redefine the role you play on your team so it works for not only you but the whole team

·         Redefine your team, if you can. Lose the rotting team member

·         Role clarity is key to success and work satisfaction

Redwood Fun Facts: 

·         Teaming: They grow in a circle to protect each other

·         Lifecycle: The older trees die, fall nearby and feed the younger trees

·         Support: Each circle functions as a mini farm where ferns, other plants and animals thrive

·         Leaders: In the canopy of branches there is a second ecosystem for squirrels. Plants, other animals closer to the sun