Hit the Books - Spring 2018

Here are 3 books I recommend for your commuting or travel this spring. Yes, it's spring even if Mamma Nature is confused.

I love Audible.com for making notes on non fiction books and read fiction on my kindle at night. What's your favorite way to read?

  • Start with Why - Get behind the purpose of why your team needs to get behind your work. Simon Sinek is a favorite speaker and author of mine.
  • The 5 Second Rule - Mel Robbins gives quick tips to counting backwards. It works for me with my toddlers and asking for scary things at work, too.
  • Love is Never Enough- Aaron Beck is known for his relationship research. This book has depth you cannot ignore. I listened to this one on my commute.
Novelty can have impact but not alter an industry ...Challenge an industry to change the way we work.
— Simon Sinek