Action and goals

You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do. — Confucius

I'd like to trademark the phrase 'silent doing' here. I am guilty of doing endless amounts of research and sharing it with no one. That doesn't help anyone! Or the time I have thought about moving to the east coast from Cali for a full 12 months before I made a decision.

Big decisions and even some small ones can be derailed easily when we swirl and swirl and swirl. I look for perfection, I want 'the' answer, I want to know the outcomes, I want a qualification or a job title before I move ahead. 

How can you avoid paralysis? Write down a goal, a date by which you want to decide, an accountability friend or coach to keep you on track! 


1- writing down goals means you are 75% likely to reach them than those you don't.

2- find someone to hold you accountable.

3-  align 3 easy actions to help you hit that goal. yeah, write those down too.


Lynn MullComment