Keep Employees Happy

I often get asked by small business owners, what do employees want? What will keep millennials in their seats? Here are top things employees want, in addition to a salary- purpose, autonomy, impact, and to be part of a team.

For all of those managers out there, read the 4 critical leadership development and communication tips below!

I know that salaries are realistically a top item to pay the bills but what do people want?

1-      Purpose – Your company might not be curing world hunger but you have a purpose, a client, a goal! Have you asked your staff if they feel connect to their projects? The long-term strategy and purpose will motivate them! Start talking.

2-      Autonomy –Micromanaging is another word for nagging! Set the boundaries early in your staffs’ tenure, communicate the goals and timing on big and small tasks. Use your 1:1 check ins rather than constantly emailing or calling them for updates. Prioritization can help give your employees satisfaction and autonomy to make decisions.

3-      Impact – Will the task that your employee is working on have an impact on customers, clients, the company, the bottom line? Help them connect the dots by explaining WHY this role is important.

4-      Teams- Working with a team can help boost the energy of the company. You can feed off of each other’s strengths, create better solutions and work efficiently if you have set them up to trust each other through role clarity

Where are you hitting the mark and where are you needing to step up your game?