What the VUCA?

Do you know what VUCA means? Neither did I until last fall.

VUCA is an acronym used to describe the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of general conditions and situations.

This sounds like the work culture and environment I was accustomed to in corporate America and if I’m being honest, my life! I’m not sure if life or careers or work will ever not be VUCA but now you can bring a cool new topic at a dinner party this weekend.

Tips for living in a VUCA career world.

1-    What you do when work is ambiguous and volatile? If it isn’t now, it will be again soon. Be patient, stay calm and start asking questions of your business partner, clients, or colleagues or boss.

2-   Ask for help finding a solution, without complaining! Find out how you can make an impact in this interim state of uncertainty. It’s OK to tell your manager it’s hard to work without role clarity. Ask your boss what they do know about the current projects or sales targets. If you are an entrepreneur, survey you clients in a fun way (FB polls or Instagram story polls) to find out what they want more of if the marketplace has changed!

3-   Use this VUCA time to get clear for yourself. It’s easy to get swept up in drama of moving parts or an uncontrollable issue. Pause and focus! What are your career and life goals for the next 3 years. How can you stay focused on them now? Sign up for a class, read extra books or join a google meet up on a favorite topics.