Careers require energy and lots of space to grow.

Slowing down and learning what you want is just as important as doing doing doing. Slow, mindful energy is about knowing what your heart is talking about, what your gut reactions are telling you. 

In today's constant stream of info, creating the space to listen to your intuition is hard.


1.  Where is your thinking place? The shower, the car, the laundry room ? your yoga mat? On a run? I often time have my best thinking on a run or after reading an article.

2.  Carve out one lunch, coffee or bedtime when you are alone in your favorite room in the house or at a local coffee shop to think. Get a sitter, ask your roommate not to turn on netflicks and get seriously into solo thinking time.

3.  Put down your phone and think, observe, write or type out where you are in that alone time.

4. Capture ideas easily. I use evernote to capture ideas and log notes and articles. It’s a great way for me to understand career and mindfulness trends!