How long does it take to find a new career or a new job?

Studies indicate it takes 1 month for every $10K you are trying to make. (100,000 takes 10 months).

A massive shift that requires another degree might take 2 or more years. (Doesn't every transition?)

Tips to making a career shift:

1.       Be realistic about how long this might take you to accomplish

2.       Discuss the timing with your babysitter, partner or roommate. Timing can impact living situations, childcare and cash flow. Everyone needs to know what’s about to happen. (Note: babysitter was named first because you will need extra hours to start a new business or interview or travel or have coffees and dinners with folks!)

3.       Get agreement on the next steps with your constituents,  I mean kids, hubby or friends,  and start to make quarterly plans and goals. What can you start now (online classes)? And what must wait (hiring a full time nanny or a buying a building)?

Lynn MullComment