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Empower Hour // Wednesday, May 2nd 5.30pm-7.00pm

What is better than learning a few tips and tricks about networking in today's social media driven world?

We are gathering together for Empower Hour in the gorgeous and inspiring Prohibition Room of Bell Gate Farms!  I cannot wait to introduce you to new colleagues, friends and business women who are looking to spring together to Empower each other for success in 2018!

What is Empower Hour-- A casual and festive way to meet local career minded and philanthropic women, a way to rethink how and why we network, gain a new perspective on networking, a learning experience, a happy hour!

What it is not: a sit down lecture, intimidating ice breakers, anything forced

How to prepare: bring your business cards, a few talking points about yourself and comfortable shoes for moving around the room

What's included: happy hour nibbles and drinks, skill building at the start of the program, an evening of casual meet and greets with fantastic women.


*This event is non-refundable.