Rituals, Routines & Goals
6:00 PM18:00

Rituals, Routines & Goals

Do you have a goal but you are unable to reach it. Do you look at the clock at 3 pm every day and think, “where did the day go?”. Join Gen Marcon and Lynn Mull to reset your daily and weekly rituals to achieve success while eating a fantastic dinner from Church Street Market.

Do you set rituals for birthdays or the upcoming holidays but ignore your weekly tasks?

What really deserves our attention is setting up routines and rituals to meet goals. Learn new techniques to reset!

What's included:

  • Dinner choice (Sandwich or Salad), Moon Juice for dessert,

  • Customized workbook

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Increase Balance & Decrease Burnout
6:30 PM18:30

Increase Balance & Decrease Burnout

January should not need to be a reset if you have your holiday mindset in the right spot!It's the the end of the year and this workshop is designed to help YOU get through the hustle and bustle with BALANCE!

If you have been overwhelmed and on the verge of a burnout, join us for food, fun, and time to focus on the year end with purpose.

We will focus on Boundaries and Prioritization, Meditation and Breathing, Nutrition! Shonda Moralis is the author of Breathe Mama Breathe, Lynn Mull is a Certified Coative Coach and Cheryl Rutkauskas is our Nutritionist. Three experts, one roof and lots of room to learn!

What's included: Recipes, Food Tips, Meditation 101, Demystifying Meditation, Exercises to create Boundaries during the holidays. 

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