The Redwood
Leadership Approach

Our Mission is to work as a highly functioning and efficient Redwood grove. Redwood trees grow in a circle; individual trees making up a community or team. At each stage of growth, each redwood in the grove has a role to protect, provide nutrients or shade to the other trees. Each tree has roots up to six feet deep, strongly planted. The Redwoods host plants and animals at the bottom of each grove floor and at the top of the canopy creating harmonious environments for the trees and life around the grove.

If we learn from the Redwood trees and groves, we can actualize symbiosis in our works teams.  Our mission is to teach skills and tools that help us recognize everything and everyone in our work and personal environment. These skills will help us (re)define our success and grow as individuals and teams to beyond any limits.


CarEer Coaching for Millennials

Careers are not a straight line to the top; we adjust to market conditions, life priorities and obstacles that make our career paths jagged. As each redwood tree moves from a sapling to a mature tree they use the water and nutrients available in that season and year. We have adapted to our work in the same way.  The rings on a tree tells a story of each year and season of life. We could draw your own career rings. What will the next ring represent? 

Redwoods have a role in the grove but also as individual trees. Like never before, we need to examine our entire lives-work and home priorities - to know what our careers. Our mission is to work with millennials to understand the past, future and the now to create the best career for you.

Nurture you. Nurture your career. Brave the elements to succeed!

Teams set for growth

Our relationships are the essence of our life, work, play. Teams that leverage resources on the ground, above them and beside them will ultimately energize projects and company culture. Teams with dynamic leaders at the helm can help overcome short term struggles for long term success.

Connecting people within organizations, within teams, within a community and their goals creates a circular ecosystem working across many levels. Let's create success as a team. 


Team assessments, workshops and programs with follow up coaching are all customized.