Lynn was outstanding to work with. As a recent graduate, I went into the coaching with somewhat ambiguous goals so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Lynn helped me think through different options and helped me put things in perspective. This is an investment that is well worth it and that will help you move forward and/or to define what ‘forward’ even means!
— Chris Dunne, Bucknell '16 graduate

Lynn is powerhouse! She is wildly intelligent and engaging with an incredible amount of self-awareness. Her energy is contagious and she immediately provides a safe space for learning and development. Lynn offers the perfect combination of strong business acumen mixed with the ability to challenge you out of your comfort zone while feeling blanketed in understanding and empathy. It has been a pleasure working with her and I look forward to many more deep and transformational conversations.
— Lauren Casamassima, Coach & HR Executive

Lynn’s empathy, sense of humor and life experience contribute to her ability to be a remarkable coach for her clients. Working with Lynn has been productive and effective, and I highly recommend her.
— Alanna Miller, Recruiter

Lynn’s guidance made a significant difference in my career path. She encouraged me to pursue a new path, helped me explore resources, and pushed me to not only set goals, but to reach them. Her invaluable assistance led me to a brand new field where I feel both excited and fulfilled. Lynn challenged me to ask questions, get outside my comfort zone, and provided me with tools to succeed. I am so grateful for her support.
— Amy Smith, Teacher